PAY.ON to support Apple Pay

MUNICH | PAY.ON is preparing to support Apple Pay, with planned integration and support for Apple’s recently announced digital wallet service. 

Anticipating Apple Pay demand

According to PAY.ON's blog they expect it won't take long before the new mobile payment service goes internationally and will set foot in other regions. PAY.ON anticipates customer demand and is acting now to ensure their customers will have the Apple Pay integration options available.

Apple Pay SDK

“We’re currently moving forward with Apple Pay integration, developing an implementation and SDK (software development kit), in anticipation of growth in consumer demand for contactless payment methods sparked by Apple Pay”, says Wolfgang Berner, Vice President Product & Integration for PAY.ON. "It’s a natural development that Apple Pay integration is a top priority for our team, and discussions with the major card schemes, acquirers and of course Apple are informing our direction."

For the whole story and more information please visit PAY.ON's website.

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Sourced from PAY.ON blog, September 18th, 2014
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