UOL BoaCompra Enabling Gaming Companies to Expand into Turkey

TURKEY | UOL BoaCompra launches into one of the most rapidly expanding online games territory – Turkey. UOL BoaCompra works with 190 game publishers and developers, allowing gamers throughout emerging markets to make purchases directly in-game.

Enabling Gaming Companies to Expand into Turkey

As the 4th largest internet usage country in Europe with 70 percent of total game time spent on PCs, Turkey is dominated by free-to-play models and Massive Multiplayer Online games (MMO’s). UOL BoaCompra now offers a complete portfolio of local payment methods for online games in Turkey.

UOL BoaCompra’s portfolio of localised payment options includes the most widely used methods such as mobile, bank transfer and local credit cards, allowing gamers to use their preferred payment method with the greatest accessibility and ease. Thereby enabling international game companies to access one of the largest online PC game populations worldwide.

"Turkey similar to Brazil"

“Turkey is in a very similar situation as Brazil was about three years ago. As Internet penetration rates, quality and speed of broadband performance are improving, the demand for online games is rapidly increasing,” said Mario Baumann, Head of Business Development, EMEA, at UOL BoaCompra. “This is a great opportunity for our partners to leverage our expertise in emerging markets and start investing in this huge market.”


Streamlined in-game checkout process

“This is an enormous development in the Turkish gaming community, as they can finally have a streamlined in-game checkout process catering specifically to the way this market pays for digital goods. We’re excited to be able to offer Turkish gamer the same access to make purchases as players in western markets,” said Kürşat Altay Kalaycı, Project Manager Turkey, at UOL BoaCompra.

UOL BoaCompra Expanding its Footprint

UOL BoaCompra currently works with more than 190 game publishers and developers to monetise their games throughout emerging markets in Latin America, southern Europe and Turkey. Several of the largest gaming companies including Valve, EA, Ubisoft, Axeso5, Bigpoint, SmileGate and Aeria Games partner with UOL BoaCompra to bring their games to emerging markets.

The company’s latest full-service payments launch into Turkey comes off the heels of the company’s expansion into Colombia, Peru and Mexico – part of a greater development to provide the most comprehensive payment solution for gamers in the emerging world, and a complete solution for game developers and publishers looking to bring their titles to the region. For more information, please visit

Article sourced from Press Release, September 22nd, 2014



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