Payza now supports Bitcoin top ups and withdrawals

NEW YORK | Payza now offers a way for its members to buy ànd sell Bitcoin, the popular crypto currency. The Bitcoin Deposit feature lets members instantly sell their bit coins to fund their Payza accounts. The Bitcoin feature is now available to Payza members with verified accounts in most of the over 190 countries that Payza serves.

Bitcoin Withdrawals

Back in July this year, Payza already announced to support Bitcoin on their platform. And in August, Payza in fact became one of the first online payment processors and e-wallet platforms to integrate Bitcoin into their system when it introduced Bitcoin Withdrawals, a simple way for Payza members to buy Bitcoin.

"Our initial Bitcoin offering, Bitcoin Withdrawals, has been very well received so we looked for a way to move up the release of our Bitcoin Deposit feature. Payza members can now buy and sell bit coins on our platform, quickly and easily",  said Ali Nizameddine, Executive Vice President, Product and Technology.

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Bitcoin Deposit

There are no added fees for Payza's Bitcoin Deposit method and the company offers a competitive exchange rate, in line with other Bitcoin exchangers according to Nizameddine. "We are always trying to give our members the greatest value in terms of service. Even though we are not strictly a Bitcoin exchange, we've found a way to offer this service at very competitive rates."

How it works

Payza e-Wallet users simply open up their digital wallet and select Bitcoin to withdraw from their wallet or to top-up. Payza wallet users select the currency (balance) they wish to use, enter the Bitcoin address for your wallet, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw or top up.

A Bitcoin withdrawal to top-up takes 1-3 business days to process, but the exchange rate will be locked in at the moment the transaction is created so users do not need to worry about price fluctuations changing the amount of bitcoins.

For more information we refer to Payza's website and company blog

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