SEOshop launches SEOshop Payments

AMSTERDAM | SEOshop, provider of e-commerce solutions in the cloud, today has announced the launch of a new complementary service to their current offering: SEOshop Payments.

Merchants to benefit from economies of scale

Merchants were previously forced to contact and contract with Payment Service Providers and banks. In the new SEOShop payment solution, it is SEOshop - with tens of thousands of orders per day - and a much stronger bargaining power, that has negotiated the prices with several 'payment methods' on merchants’ behalf, allowing them to benefit from economies of scale. According to SEOshop it will mean lower prices and easier management of payment methods. 

According to SEOshop, starting webshops often pay between 50 eurocent to 1 euro per transaction for online payment methods like iDeal. Due to the relatively low volumes compared to the bigger ecommerce players, they are often charged higher fees by banks and Payment Service Providers. Especially in segments where the consumer is price sensitive and margins are small, this if often perceived as a huge disadvantage by the smaller online retailer.

SEOshop, servicing over 8,500 webshops, has now reached a volume deal with a Payment Service Provider (name remains undisclosed) effectively getting the same processing tariffs as a large online retailer would. All to the benefit of the smaller ecommerce merchants eager to grow its business online. The new service SEOshop Payments will only be available for SEOshop customers.


"Following the launch of SEOshop Premium, we now reveal this disruptive product. This shows that SEOshop is thinking with our customers and always putting them ahead nationally and internationally" says Ruud Stelder, SEOshop. The offering is designed so that it provides a cost savings for at least 98 percent of SEOshop merchants and will bring about a change in the payment market.

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Full Transparency

"For most merchants, the market for electronic payments is very untransparent, because transaction costs depend on volume and negotiation. We see that many owners of growing online stores are struggling to make proper arrangements. We are the first in Europe to offer a below market price solution with full transparency”, says Max Verduyn, CFO at SEOshop.

About SEOshop

SEOshop is the market leader in the Benelux with e-commerce software in the cloud and one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in Europe. The company headquarters is located in Amsterdam. In 2013 SEOshop received an investment of 1.1 million euros and in early 2014 SEOshop opened an office in Frankfurt (Germany), from which the German, Swiss and Austrian market is served. For more information visit SEOshop's website.


Sourced from Press Release by SEOshop, November 12th, 2014

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