FAC payment gateway now available to Travolutionary customers

BERMUDA | First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) and Travolutionary, a comparison and booking platform for the travel industry, announced their technical integration.


Travolutionary was designed to allow travel and travel related companies to access disparate travel product sources, intelligently compare, and book them. Their capabilities apply to hotels, flights and car hire products -- creating a unique combination of content diversity and rate availability.

The Travolutionary platform and its underlying infrastructure are entirely cloud-based and already deployed across 27 markets. Empowering some of the leading travel companies worldwide, the platform has now been integrated to FAC’s gateway, which means that its customers can accept online credit and debit card payments through FAC. 

More choice

Max Chertkov, Commercial Director of Travolutionary said: “We are happy to add First Atlantic Commerce to our list of payment providers, which offers our customers even more choice. FAC’s merchants will be able to gain instant access to OTA, published and wholesale rates should they choose to use Travolutionary.”

“We are pleased to be working with this highly flexible comparison and booking platform”, said FAC COO, Ronnie Viera. “Travolutionary empowers some of the leading travel companies worldwide and we are happy to be part of that offering.”

First Atlantic Commerce

FAC is based in the Latin America Caribbean Region and specialises in serving merchants and banks across the Caribbean, Panama and Bermuda as well as in Mauritius, the EU and the UK. FAC is a Bermuda-based, feature-rich payment gateway that was established in 1998 to deliver customized and flexible online credit and debit card processing to international corporations across the globe. The company also provides card storage functionality and risk mitigation solutions to its merchants, banks and other gateways.


Sourced from Press-Release First Atlantic Commerce, November 25th, 2014

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