Worldpay: 'Black Friday overtakes Cyber Monday'

LONDON | Worldpay saw a 74% growth in eCommerce transaction volume over 2013 on Black Friday, compared to Cyber Monday a growth of 44%. For the past three years Cyber Monday has outperformed Black Friday. Now, for the first time, Worldpay saw more transactions processed on Black Friday.

Video Games emerge as winners

This year’s Black Friday eCommerce growth has been driven primarily by fashion, video games, digital content and electronics retailers that seem to be pushing promotions earlier than previous years. Some of the large video game platforms held flash sales which saw processing volumes go through the roof - Worldpay saw 124% uplift in transactions on Black Friday compared to the previous week. Despite this swift, Cyber Monday still attracted high numbers of shoppers. Worldpay saw a 54% growth in volume from the previous week.

Major US shopping events go global

Despite shoppers from UK and US registering the largest number of transactions, Worldpay's data shows that these events are gaining traction outside of the US. Shoppers from China were the most interested in Cyber Monday, with a massive 355% year on year growth on transactions from cards issued in China. And on Black Friday,Worldpay saw the greatest year-on-year growth from shoppers in Russia and Spain (250% and 196%).


Article sourced from Worldpay December 5th, 2014 - Stats based upon global retail transaction data processed by Worldpay on 28/11/14 and 1/12/14.

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