Nochex Launches European Merchant Account Service

UNITED KINGDOM | Nochex announces that it now supports non-UK based merchants who wish to accept payments online. By focusing on providing the best solution for small businesses, Nochex has established itself as the UK’s leading ‘pay-as-you-go’ alternative to PayPal.

E-commerce in Europe

Annual e-commerce revenue in Europe was up by 16.3% to €363.1 billion in 2013 according to recent reports from E-commerce Europe*. The majority of European e-commerce occurs in the UK which has the third biggest market in the world, valued at €107.2 billion.

Marketing Manager at Nochex, Peter Lyster, gave us his insight on the European market. “European e-commerce is undergoing rapid growth and it does not look like that is going to change. At the moment, the UK is the number one e-commerce market in Europe despite having a smaller population than the likes of France and Germany. The UK currently leads the way in online shopping but expect the rest of Europe to catch up soon. As consumers worldwide start to do more of their shopping online, countries such as France and Germany, both of which have thriving retail industries, will overtake the UK and become e-commerce superpowers.”

Nochex' Merchant Account now available to business owners around Europe

European merchants have previously not been able to use Nochex. Nochex has a reputation for championing small businesses and now looks to take that crusade abroad by making their popular merchant account available to business owners around Europe. Nochex’s determination to be the best option for SMEs means this European expansion is great news for start-ups around Europe.

Tailor Made

Alistair Mason, Marketing Coordinator at Nochex, in the wake of the launch: “Nochex is committed to providing SMEs with the best payment solution to help their business grow and this has been very successful in the UK. European merchants often complain to us that mainland Europe does not offer the same variety of payment solutions that the UK market does. We identified a gap in the European market for our product. However, it was not as simple as creating a ‘one-size fits all’ Nochex European account. Different countries have different regulations and retail cultures so our solutions are tailor made for each merchant. Read more about Nochex’s European account.

About Nochex

Nochex is a European provider of online payment solutions that is trusted by businesses and consumers around the world to process their payments. Small and medium-sized enterprises use the Nochex payment solution to simplify how they accept and settle online credit and debit card payments. The Nochex payment service helps businesses start trading quickly and safely. Being an independent provider has allowed the company to support tens of thousands of merchants around the UK across a wide range of industries. For more information about Nochex visit their profile on About-Payments or visit their website.

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