Major U.S. merchants embrace MasterPass

NEW YORK | MasterCard announced last week that several major merchants have committed to enable MasterPass in their checkout to provide a better  shopping experiences for their customers. MasterPass allows shoppers a swift checkout by using securely stored credit card details and shipping information.

Live in 16 countries

Already accepted in 16 countries, MasterPass will soon also be available on Blue Nile,, Chegg, Fareportal|CheapO Air, Market America|SHOP.COM, Neiman Marcus, Office Depot and Rue La La, as well as on the American Red Cross site for donations. Click here for a list of MasterPass accepting merchants.

MasterPass Checkout

'Express Checkout Lane'

MasterPass enables consumers to pay with any enrolled payment card, online or in app, using any device and eliminates the time-consuming need to enter detailed payment and shipping information with every purchase. “Consumers like shopping but paying for things online can be challenging,” said Michael Cyr, Group Executive, North America Market Development, MasterCard. “MasterPass helps turn every online payment experience into an express checkout lane.”

Create MasterPass Account

U.S. consumers willing to use the simplified MasterPass checkout can set up an MasterPass account through the MasterPass website or via participating MasterPass banks such as Citi, LakeTrust and North Shore Bank.


Sourced from Press-Release MasterCard, January 30th, 2015

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