ECommPay becomes VISA Principal Member

UNITED KINGDOM | VISA granted a VISA Principal Member status to payment processing company ECommPay. As a VISA Principal Member, ECommPay can accelerate the processing of merchant applications and can connect merchants directly to the VISA network.


ECommPay provides payment solutions for ecommerce merchants, enabling them to accept credit card payments as well as other popular alternative payment methods. By becoming a VISA Principal Member, ECommPay is able to board and activate online merchants for the acceptance of Visa credit cards, thereby significantly reducing the costs and complexity for merchants to take Visa payments online. Merchants do not need to contract separately with a merchant acquirer or Visa acquiring bank.

ECommPay Desktop Payment

Strengthen position in international markets

The company’s COO, Dmitry Sinkovich, explains what becoming a VISA Principal Member signifies for ECommPay: “To become a VISA Principal Member is an important step in the development of any financial provider. ECommPay’s new status allows us to expand and strengthen our position in international markets.

Being recognised for our high level of service by a multidisciplinary audit conducted by VISA International confirms that our company meets all safety and operations requirements.” For more information, please visit ECommPay’s website.

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Sourced from Press Release by ECommPay, February 20th, 2014  
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