The importance of being able to customize your payment page

ADVERTORIAL | North Payments’ online payment checkout solution offers customers a payment page that is fully integrated into their website, thus eliminating the need for programming, hosting or a complicated setup. Two lines of code are provided which are then copied directly into the script of the merchant's payment page and the checkout process is up and running.


NorthPayNow is fully incorporated into the company’s website checkout page. With this direct online payment integration customers are not redirected to an external site but, rather, are able to enter their payment information directly on the website. This system becomes part of the payment page of online merchants and ensures that customers can complete their transaction safely, simply and on the very same website.

CEO of North Payments, Jacob Parker-Bowles emphasises the simplicity of their payment solution: "NorthPayNow powers traditional and alternative payments, e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Skrill, open invoice, 3D secure, and many more. The solution comes with ready-made payment widgets, which can be easily re-designed in colour and style. Once integrated, NorthPayNow works cross-device."

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Payment Page is same look and feel

The importance of being able to edit the payment widgets should not be underestimated. Customers often land on an Internet payment page which is alien to the rest of the site or are redirected to an external site to make their payment, leading to mistrust and, at an extreme, suspicion of a scam. A merchant’s payment screen needs to look the same as the rest of the website, permeating the brand through every part.

Colours, fonts, formats, voice, all need to be kept consistent across the site, including the checkout area. With NorthPayNow, this is possible through the insertion of lines of code provided directly by North Payments. With NorthPayNow a customer-friendly checkout process can be developed and, in turn, boost conversions and enhance the shopping experience delivered by a merchants’ online store.

Badges on the checkout page

Further, customers want to feel confident that their Internet payment details are safe. North Payments boasts a record of reliability across their payment network that includes integrated advanced security as standard. Whatever security measures are in place, it is important to inform the customer, either with a section explaining them, or by displaying logos. A SSL certificate should be on show and you should be PCI compliant. It is recommended to include these badges on the checkout page to heighten customers’ trust.

North Payments provides facilities which take online payments right the way through the entire transaction from the website to the reports and reconciliations phase in the back office. With the dedicated, personalised service of North Payments, it becomes possible to process all payments online in a consistent, secure and cost-effective manner, using the proven payment gateway.

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