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SPOTLIGHT | In this edition of the About-Payments Spotlight we give the stage to payment provider Klik & Pay - an International Payment Service Provider operating and servicing merchants Worldwide for 15 years.

Their Head Office is Switzerland based with European Quarters in Luxembourg to cover the SEPA area. Their mission is to make the end client’s payment experience as smooth as possible whilst providing the highest secure environment possible.


1. How would you describe your business to merchants new-to-game?

Our role is to provide merchants with an all-inclusive tool enabling them to securely cash-in their sales as well as monitor payment and data in their Back Office. To do so, we offer merchants 25 different means of payment and are operational in more than 150 countries. Our payment page offers a PCI-DSS environment as well as being run through a powerful anti fraud scoring algorithm.

2. What makes you different from other Payment Service Providers / Merchant Acquirers?

The Klik & Pay payment gateway is the ultimate piece of any merchant’s e-commerce puzzle. Indeed by connecting onto the Klik & Pay platform merchants access a holistic solution covering today’s needs. They will be able to monitor data and increase their conversion rate thanks to: responsive payment pages, m-commerce friendly solution and integrated API for iOS and Android. Our quest for domestic multi-acquirer connections will also participate to the reduction of rebound rate.

Finally, our anti fraud scoring algorithm, now developed for 15 years, is a powerful tool cross checking various databases using criteria as shopping behaviour to make sure to protect both merchant and clients.

3. What are the triggers for online merchants to switch to your platform?

Switching online payment providers is not easy. When merchants turn to us we offer them an audit of their online activities as well as acting in a consultant role to find out where online payment can be optimised. Such a service puts both merchants and Klik & Pay in a win-win situation as we are able to demonstrate to the merchants how they could adapt their approach to online payment to increase their conversion whilst using the Klik & Pay platform.

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4. What merchants or markets are you targeting?

Klik & Pay is an accessible and flexible solution that addresses perfectly start-ups and SME. Our good value for money positioning enables us to offer access to payments to companies starting in e-commerce as well as SME wishing to start targeting foreign countries through a unique Back Office and DSA. Having now dedicated ourselves to both Swiss and French markets, we are looking to establishing ourselves in Spain and continue our growth to Italy and Eastern Europe.

5. How can merchants integrate with your platform?

Merchants can integrate the Klik & Pay platform via a highly flexible API enabling any developers to add the redirection script at a basket level. The latter redirects end clients onto our secure page in order for them to input their credit card details for payment. Another aspect of the flexibility is also the integration in server-to-server mode, which enables merchants to design their own payment page.

If merchants use a CMS, we are compatible with more than 15 shopping carts, such as: Prestashop, Magento, Thelia, 1&1, etc… Finally, we also have developed a mobile API than enables in-app integration on IOs and Android. Such API is a must have as it keeps the end user in-app to smoother the payment experience, allowing a faster checkout.

6. What may merchants expect in nearby future from your company?

Klik & Pay is currently reshuffling its entire payment page, new features will soon be available and the whole payment experience will become more user friendly than ever. We are also working towards more development on the m-commerce section in partnership with a company dedicated to innovation as a new product service will soon be launched to pay the simplest way in-app.

7. What are the important trends in online payments from your point of view?

Online payments has become more and more common, and is now integral parts of shopping habits in Western countries. Over the past 15 years, behavior has changed and merchants are used to dealing with PSP and Banks to set-up online payment solution for their clients. Expectations have also evolved and merchants wish to benefit of a user friendly solution, protecting them against fraud but having fewer steps as possible to validate payment. M-commerce is the trend to follow and not miss, with a drastic boom in volume over the past 18 to 24 months, it is a must have. The latest move of Apple and Facebook in online payment only converge towards this trend.

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8. What is your best advice to merchants expanding their business cross-border?

First and foremost it is vital to check that your current payment provider is able to process payments Worldwide. Once merchants have performed this check, the next step is to run an analysis of the targeted markets and the currency they process in. Merchants will have to make sure to offer the local currency and means of payment of the market they address to increase conversion rate and avoid discrepancies in pricing. Finally, an understanding of local market is a must in order to understand shopping behavior and offer the adequate and/or most used payment method, which may differ to VISA and Mastercard.

9. Cards and Alternative Payment Methods: Competitors or Best Friends?

We see cards and alternative payment methods as a plus and as an integrated part of a PSP. The more payment solution you have in portfolio the better, as a sale can be won or lost in a split of a second whether a merchant offers the right payment methods to meet his/her clients’ expectations. The online payment industry is in perpetual movement and change should be seen as a business opportunity not a threat.


General Company Information

The company was founded in 2000 in the suburbs of Lausanne, Switzerland. Since then the company has grown into establishing itself as a recognized PSP in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Our market share acquisition has lead us to be regulated by FINMA at a Swiss level and by the CSSF (since February 2014) for the entire SEPA activities, which offers a guarantee to both merchants and clients when processing with us.

Our objective is to stay as close as possible to our clients, we therefore work hard to develop local acquiring relationships in the countries where we want to process as well as strengthening our partnerships with companies that are at the cutting edge of technologies.

Who are your Payment Partners?

We currently working with more than 15 different acquirers, mainly based in Europe. Depending of the merchants’ needs, business model and country of incorporation, we select one or various acquirers. Like brokers, the idea is to offer the best and most adequate acquirer to our merchants at the best possible transaction price.

Are there any upcoming events where merchants can meet you?

Yes, we will be happy to meet merchants that would be interested in our services in the coming months and exchange with them during the following events:

Salon du Ecommerce, Geneva, April 21st & 22nd

OMExpo 2015, Madrid, May 27th & 28th

Ecommerce Paris, September 21st, 22nd & 23rd

Contact and Social Information

You can contact us per telephone to +41-21-695-6000 or via email to

Alternatively we you can follow us via the social media:

TwitterLinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube

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