AfterPay in Belgium is now also available without additional verification step

BUCKAROO BLOG | Market research conducted by the local trade organisation, BeCommerce, shows that many Belgian consumers miss having an option that allows them to pay later, after their order has been delivered.

They would place more orders online if they could pay later, after taking delivery of their order. Belgian web shops that offer the AfterPay payment method will break down many barriers that currently stop consumers from ordering products and services online.

Pay Later with Afterpay

Paying later with AfterPay has been an option in Belgium since 2013. However, this method has only recently been available without an additional verification step. This means that consumers do not first have to set up pre-payment verification before using this pay later payment method. Due to its great success, our AfterPay special has been extended by one month and you can take advantage of this special promotion until the end of the month.

AfterPay is the only payment solution whereby Belgian consumers first receive their order before they pay for it. You also now have the opportunity to provide a unique service and a wonderful shopping experience. Buckaroo is the only payment provider that currently has this product.

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