PensoPay to use Coinify Bitcoin Merchant Solution

COPENHAGEN | Coinify - one of Europe's leading digital currency payment providers - announces they partner with PensoPay. This partnership is to enable PensoPay's merchants to accept Bitcoin payments through the Coinify Merchant Solution. PensoPay provides card acquiring and payment gateway services to online and physical businesses and retailers.

Coinify Merchant Solution

Effective as of March 15, 2015, PensoPay has the right to promote, advertise, and sell the Coinify Merchant Solution, enabling PensoPay´s Merchants to accept Bitcoin transactions and get paid in any local currency with no risk, chargebacks, or fraud.

PensoPay will act as an independent contractor that will handle technical support and after-sales services. With this agreement, Coinify will continue to strengthen its presence in both online and physical retail markets through PensoPay’s network, and convert more merchants to Bitcoin payment acceptance.

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'Same setup as for MasterCard and Visa'

Mitigating the general risk for merchants helps and strengthens the implementation of digital currencies in the broader payment space and that is part of the main strategy at the Copenhagen based company. Coinify’s CFO Christian Visti states: “We now follow the same setup as when you accept MasterCard or VISA, just with the benefits that are embedded in the blockchain technology.”

“The agreement with PensoPay confirms the growing demand for our tailored Payment Service Provider (PSP) solutions. We are delighted to see that the dedicated work on our platform is paying off,” expressed Mark Højgaard, Coinify’s CEO.

'business as usual'

“We are happy to announce that we have selected the Coinify Merchants Solution as PSP product for our digital currency payments. PensoPay can now offer all our international merchants a professional Bitcoin payment product. For us it is very important that Coinify provides a solution that accepts Bitcoin on behalf of our merchants and that the merchant will receive local currencies. This means business as usual”, said Ulrik Pilehave, PensoPay’s CEO. Break

About Coinify

Coinify drives mainstream adoption of digital currencies such as Bitcoin for merchants and consumers. Merchants benefit from Coinify’s Payment Service enabling free, instant settlements in a fraud free and chargeback free Bitcoin payment environment, while consumers get access to secure one-click payments that reveal no sensitive information.

Coinify is backed by a multi-million capital injection from SEED Capital (funded by the Danish Government) and Accelerace, and is one of the leading digital currency market players in Europe. For more information, visit Coinify's profile on About-Payments.

Payment Service Provider Profile

About PensoPay

PensoPay is an internet-based, commercial enterprise serving as a single point of contact for online shops that want to offer their customers the possibility of card payment. With 23 years of experience PensoPay offers one of the fastest authorisation procedures on the market and the company is officially ISO approved and certified by Mastercard and Visa.

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Article sourced from Coinify, April 15th, 2015
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