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Blog | eMerchantPay - a global payment service provider - has come up with interesting blog on the 10 things merchants should know about trading online and across borders. They have put together a list of what they feel is paramount for any merchant to know when thinking about expanding their business internationally. Below you can find the link to the full eMerchantPay blog.


Cross-Border Shopping requires Cross-border Focus

Consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to comparing goods and services online and knowing where to buy what, and often look outside their own country’s borders to get the best deal or that specific service that is not available in their country of residence.

Therefore, online merchants are expected to sell and deliver their merchandise across the world, resulting in the global expansion of their business. A lot has been written on this subject and, as always with (relatively) new phenomena, there seems to be a lot of contradicting information out there.

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