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SPOTLIGHT | In this edition of the About-Payments Spotlight we give the stage to one of the leading digital payment service providers in the world: Ingenico Payment Services.

Ingenico Payment Services' aim is to minimise the complexity of payments for merchants, whatever the channel: online, mobile and point-of-sale. They help merchants to manage, collect and secure their payments, prevent fraud and increase their revenues through higher conversions. 

Ingenico Payment Services consists of the former payment companies Ogone, Easycash, Easycash Loyalty Solution, Axis and Ingenico Payment Services is part of the Ingenico Group.


1. How would you describe your business to merchants new-to-game?

Ingenico Payment Services (former Ogone) is the leading provider of multi-channel payment services, which enables businesses to manage, collect and secure their payments, and prevent fraud on any digital transactions, both domestic and cross-border.

Ingenico Payment Services’ payment solutions are focused on security and simplicity, easy to implement from the merchants side and easy to use for the consumers, whatever the channel (online, mobile and in-store). Present in 70 countries, 160,000 customers use the online payment services of Ingenico Payment Services, having an access to more than 150 international, local and alternative payment methods and more than 200 acquirer connections.

2. What makes you different from other Payment Service Providers?

Ingenico Payment Services is an online Payment Service Provider, which offers multi-channel payment solutions. With Ingenico Payment Services, merchants can accept payments in multi-currencies and in 25 languages, giving them a global presence when accepting online payments. Supporting more than 150 international, local and alternative payment methods, Ingenico Payment Services help businesses to think globally and expand their activities across all sale channels and geographical locations.

Ingenico Payment Services payment platform is equipped with smart and secure fraud prevention tools, allowing merchants to detect fraud sooner, sell more and save time. We offer a one stop payment solution, offering the preferred payment method in different countries, without the hassle of having to open multiple bank accounts or form new legal entities. 

3. What are the triggers for online merchants to switch to your platform?

Ingenico Payment Services is a trusted brand and partner in online payments solutions:

  • Unique expertise in multi-channel payments
  • Proximity to their businesses
  • Driving force for innovation in managing and securing of online payments
  • Multi-channel payment gateway which is robust and scalable: our payment platform is secure and reliable with 99.99% uptime
  • International expansion: our international capability will help businesses sell more and sell further
  • 150 international, local and alternative payment methods
  • More than 200 acquiring partners and banks
  • Smart and secure fraud prevention solutions
  • Collect services
  • Cross-channel solutions

4. What merchants or markets are you targeting?

Online businesses and industries, whether having a local or international footprint, can accept payments through our multi-channel payment gateway. Ingenico Payment Services offers online payment solutions for Retail, Travel, Fashion, Ticketing, Multimedia & electronics, Transport & Airline industry, and also target banks & financial institutions willing to resell online payment solutions as white labels.

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5. How can merchants integrate with your platform?

Integrations with our multi-channel payment gateway can be done through hosted payment pages or with direct API. Merchants can also use batch processes and take transactions through mail or phone (MOTO). Ingenico Payment Services supports over 50 shopping cart software extensions and provides certified plug-ins for hybris, Magento, Prestashop, ePages, OsCommerce and Demandware.

6. What may merchants expect in nearby future from your company?

Research & Development represents more than 20% of our employee base. Ingenico Payment Services is continuously working on the improvement of payment products and services. Recently, Ingenico Payment Services launched Flex3DS, a tool that provides merchants with an easy- to-use and highly flexible fraud solution to activate and deactivate 3-D Secure based on context. Merchants using Flex3DS can, in a few clicks, define the activation of 3-D Secure based on the risk associated with the transaction, the issuing country of the card used, the purchase amount, the channel, …

7. What are the important trends in online payments from your point of view?

Payment remains the universal and decisive element, connecting merchants and consumers in the purchase act. And today consumers dictate the rules, whether they are in store, at home, or on the street and whatever the technology: they want fast, simple and secure purchasing experience using their preferred payment methods (cards, wallet, devices, QR code based payment…) All this drives more complexity for the merchants eager to secure the sale as soon as the consumers have made their purchasing decisions.

In this context, merchants are looking for a trusted partner to reduce payment complexity across all sale channels: in-store, online & mobile, providing more payment alternatives to create new sales alternatives whilst enhancing consumer experience.


8. What is your best advice to merchants expanding their business cross-border?

Merchants who wish to expand and develop an international presence should have a clear strategy and phased approach to cross-border expansion. To take full advantage, they need to be flexible in meeting consumer needs, delivering convenience, choice, reliability and secure payment methods

There is a tremendous opportunity but each market is different and there are challenges related to issues such as language, currency differences and a preference for local payment mechanisms.

Some key elements for a cross-border strategy:

  • Local language – merchants can make their products more easily accessible and attractive by adopting a local domain approach and using local languages
  • Local currencies –merchants should accept all local and key international currencies in every target market and can even consider implementing Dynamic Currency Conversion services
  • Local payment methods – if merchants want new cross border revenues, it is important to provide the payment mechanisms people want on your website. Between 30 and 50 percent of European consumers would choose to use their local payment methods for online purchases from foreign e-commerce sites. Our research reveals that merchants selling cross-border could increase their conversion rate by around 15 percent if they accepted the appropriate local payment methods.

9. Digital Wallets or eWallets: hype or next best thing?

Ingenico Payment Services strongly believes in wallet based solutions and provides its own white label and e-money solution suite where we enable companies with their own wallet based solution. Through its wallet solutions, Ingenico Payment Services facilitates digital value transactions between merchants and consumers and supports various use cases for mobile centric applications, marketplaces, crowdfunding, P2P platforms, voucher based applications and multi-merchant environments.


General Company Information

Ingenico Payment Services' history in a nutshell:

  • 1996 – Abyss Consulting is founded in Brussels by Harold Mechelynck and Thierry Pierson to deliver IT solutions for financial services
  • 1999 – Netclearing, our first payment software, is launched
  • 2001 – Abyss Consulting is rebranded as Ogone for the launch of our virtual Payment Service Provider
  • 2002 – Ogone becomes profitable and sets up offices in the Netherlands and France
  • 2003 – Ogone is the first payment service provider in Europe to develop, integrate and certify 3-Secure, plus we launch a fraud detection module and set up our first white label solution
  • 2004 – Ogone receives PCI certification and launches purchasing card services with American Express
  • 2006 – Ogone opens offices in Germany and Switzerland
  • 2007 – Ogone launches its advanced fraud detection module, plus we create an international sales team and open an office in Austria
  • 2008 – Ogone develops an international network of acquirers with a revenue share agreement
  • 2009 – Ogone introduces gift card – a split payment facility
  • 2010 – Ogone sets up an office in the UK, launches our advanced reconciliation services plus integrates eDCC, a dynamic currency conversion service for online businesses
  • 2011 – Ogone acquires EDBS and expands into India
  • 2012 – Ogone acquires, launches a collecting and e-wallet services, plus opens subsidiary in North America
  • 2013 – Ogone is acquired by Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment. Ingenico Group provides smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels, in-store, online and mobile.Together, by focusing on innovation and transaction security, Ingenico and Ogone are shaping the direction of the global payment solutions market.
  • 2014 – Ogone becomes Ingenico Payment Services, leading provider of multi-channel payment services. Ogone's business is now integrated into an organisation dedicated to payment services in Europe, which includes, the electronic money issuer, easycash, easycash Loyalty Solutions, Germany's leader in off-line payment and loyalty solutions, and Axis, the Ingenico group's offline transaction management platform.
  • 2014 – Ingenico Group acquires Global Collect, leading global online full service payment provider
  • 2015: Ingenico Payment Services and Global Collect become a new global e-payments business unit

Ingenico Payment Services today:

  • Leading provider of multi-channel payment services whatever the channel (online, mobile and in-store)
  • 160, 000 customers
  • 1,000 employees
  • 200 acquiring partners and banks
  • 200 partners and shopping cart software extensions
  • More than 150 international, local and alternative payment methods
  • Presence in 70 countries
  • References: Decathlon,, Paylogic, XL Airways, Sandro Maje, Accor, Jetair, Mobistar, Brussels Airlines, Thalys, Pogopost, Secret, Wiggle, Fleurop,…

Who are your Payment Partners?

As pioneer in white label solutions, we work with more than 200 acquiring partners and banks, payment institutions to launch fully customized payment gateway loaded with value-added services. Ingenico Payment Services offers a choice of ways to partner (referral partnership, reseller partnership and systems integrator partnership).

Are there any upcoming events where merchants can meet you?

Our next events are on our website:

Are there specific company white papers or information for merchants to tap into?

Contact and Social Information


  • International +32 (0)2 286 96 11
  • United Kingdom +44 (0)203 147 4966
  • Belgium +32 (0)2 286 96 11
  • France +33 (0)1 70 70 09 03
  • Netherlands +31 (0)20 840 8400
  • Germany +49 (0)221 455 30 180

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