Stripe launches in Nordics

SAN FRANCISCO | Sourced from its company blog, Stripe has pulled out of beta in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Scandinavian ecommerce merchants and developers are now able to use Stripe's easy lines of code to - almost instantly - accept card payments online. Stripe is now available in 20 countries around the globe.

Stripe's Proposition

Stripe, launched in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, is one the leading payment 'start-ups' whose aim it is to create frictionless online payments for both consumers and merchants. Stripe reduces application paperwork (normally required for merchants to accept the major credit cards) and allows developers to instantly integrate a sophisticated payment checkout in merchants' online shops or apps.

It only requires a few lines of code to integrate a payment checkout page to start accepting MasterCard, Visa or American Express payments online. Stripe has also prepared for Apple Pay, Android Pay and Bitcoin acceptance through simple lines of code. Apple Pay coding is available to US and UK merchants and developers.

Supporting Scandinavian Currencies

Stripe already supports over 138 authorisation currencies including the Scandinavian ones. Business based in the Nordics are also able to receive funds DKK to a bank account in Denmark, NOK to a bank account in Norway, and SEK to a bank account in Sweden. For every payment that needs currency conversion Stripe will charge 2% on top of the market exchange rate.


Based upon feedback from Stripe's beta users, Stripe has updated its pricing to reflect current market conditions for the individual Scandinavian countries:

  • Denmark: 1.7% + 1.8kr (~0,25 euro) for Danish cards and 2.9% + 1.8kr for international cards
  • Finland: 2.0% + 20c for Finnish cards and 2.9% + 20c for international cards
  • Norway: 2.4% + 2kr (~0,23 euro) for Norwegian cards and 2.9% + 2kr for international cards
  • Sweden: 1.9% + 1.8kr (~0,20 euro) for Swedish cards and 2.9% + 1.8kr for international cards

Stripe's International Expansion

With the addition of the Scandinavian markets, Stripe currently powers businesses in 20 countries. They work from around the world in nine global offices with its headquarters in San Francisco. Stripe is available in the following countries:


Stripe provides a sophisticated and frictionless way to accept credit card payments on websites and in mobile apps. Stripe's APIs are flexible enough to support almost any payment experience; behind the scenes, Stripe takes care of the heavy lifting, from security to daily deposits to your bank account. Stripe powers payments for thousands of businesses of every size -- from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

For more information visit Stripe's profile within our Knowledge Base section or visit


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