New Payments Start-Up 'NewGen' gets investment from former CEO GlobalCollect

NEW DELHI | Jan Manten, founder & former CEO of GlobalCollect, has invested in Newgen Payments, a new end-to-end commerce provider with the ambition to help merchants get a online presence. Newgen has a strong focus on becoming the hub to the Indian ecommerce market and being the local online enabler for Indian brick-and-mortar businesses.  Newgen is based in New Delhi and Amsterdam. 


Sourced from its website, Newgen takes care of website design, provides development & hosting services, and simplifies the checkout process by offering a wide range of payment options. Its proprietary analytics software helps to increase sales, protects against fraud, ensures website security and optimizes shipping options.

Online Commerce enabler in India

Newgen is focused on addressing the rapidly growing Indian e-commerce market by helping international merchants enter this interesting market, as well as bringing Indian merchants online. Newgen’s end-to-end commerce solution enable merchants to focus on their core business, while Newgen handles all aspects of their online platform. 

Sunil Jhamb is the Founder & CEO of Newgen Payments. Prior to founding Newgen, Sunil was responsible for GlobalCollect’s global sales planning and strategy. Sunil is clear on Newgen’s mission: “Our international team, expertise in online payments and network enable us to act as a partner for international merchants to set up their business in India. We help these international brands enter and succeed in the Indian e-commerce market.”

Fully cloud-based payment gateway platform

Newgen‘s cloud-based payment gateway enables merchants to accept payments easily and securely from their website or app. It is the first fully cloud-based payment gateway in India built on the Microsoft Azure platform - providing speed, scalability and the maximum uptime possible for merchants. Newgen's platform offers a single reconciliation for all payment types, regardless of the payment method: online, mobile, card present or cash on delivery.  

With Newgen, brick-and-mortar merchants and people looking to sell online can do business with no software to download or maintain. They can choose their own e-commerce website template, easily market their products or services, accept orders, and ship their merchandise – all with just a few clicks.

About Newgen Payments

Newgen Payments was founded in 2014. Newgen’s platform lets merchants effortlessly create an online and mobile e-commerce presence. Merchants can have a complete e-commerce solution built to their own specifications and display their products all without having to worry about payment methods or shipping options. Newgen’s international team brings over 60 years of combined experience in providing e-commerce solutions across the globe.

About Jan Manten

Jan F. Manten was the co-founder and CEO of GlobalCollect (1994 – 2011). Currently, he is an investor in new and innovative companies and holds board positions at a number of startup companies in various industries.


Article sourced from Press Release by Newgen Payments.
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