The Future Of Payments Is Open | Free PAY.ON whitepaper

What was once an industry constrained by limited solutions and restricted access, the world of payments is now bursting with innovation, leaving the door open for businesses to either move forward and adapt or fall behind. In a recent whitepaper, PAY.ON discusses the open future of payments and how providers can benefit from embracing it – but only with an Open approach.

Prepare an open environment

As consumers continue to explore the use of new methods and channels to spend their money, the related technology has quickly transformed the business world. Purchasing groceries on a mobile device or paying rent online are now everyday occurrences, creating a marketplace where payment providers can deliver attractive and inventive solutions to consumers. From contactless payments to biometric authentication, innovation in commerce is closely tied to payment technology, business models and trusted partnerships. 

But staying relevant in the future of payments may require businesses to not only embrace the principles of Openness, but also learn to leverage them into customer satisfaction and financial success. The new whitepaper aims to provide stakeholders in the payments industry with the knowledge and tools necessary to better understand and prepare an open environment. By focusing on a strategy of being accessible, flexible and transparent, companies may have an opportunity to take advantage of the value Openness can add to their businesses, while also witnessing the benefits brought to all participants. 

Download your free copy

According to PAY.ON and First Annapolis Consulting, the future of payments is Open payments. But what defines an Open payment and what does it mean for the industry players looking to provide them? Find out by downloading your free copy of the PAY.ON white paper: ' Openness is changing the future of Payments'.

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