American Express Launches Amex Express Checkout

American Express launched a new service called Amex Express Checkout. The service allows U.S. card members to check out quickly at participating online merchants by using their account login. Burberry, Warby Parker, Gap, Newegg and The Wall Street Journal are amongst the merchants committed to accept American Express checkouts.

Auto-filling the checkout

With Amex Express Checkout, card members simply use their existing User ID and Password, and American Express auto-fills the checkout fields with their American Express card details and relevant account information in a few clicks. Amex Express Checkout is not a digital wallet, and does not require a cardholder to create or manage a new account.

American Express Checkout Enabler Stripe

American Express and Stripe are also working together to allow merchants using Stripe as a payments platform to easily enable Amex Express Checkout for their customers. In the coming months more well-known brands are expected to implement American Express Checkout, including Avis Car Rental, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, Hulu, Rocketmiles and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. 

Minimising typos and authorisation failures 

With Amex Express Checkout, a card member's account information is transferred to the merchant through a token allowing for safer transactions than traditional online checkout. And because American Express auto-fills account information in real-time for every online transaction via Amex Express Checkout, both card members and merchants are assured that the Card number and billing details provided are current - minimising authorisation failures and eliminating the need to manually update those details, as may be required with an online wallet (e.g. MasterPass, by Visa).

Fast Checkout

"We know our Card Members and merchants want a simple, fast checkout process to make online shopping easy and delightful," said Leslie Berland, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships & Development at American Express. "Amex Express Checkout leverages our unique technology to create a checkout experience unlike any other, one that is valuable to merchants and secure for card members, giving them peace of mind."


Article sourced from American Express, July 9th, 2015

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