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How do you conquer the World with Amazon and Alibaba? How do you establish growth of your web shop in Belgium, France and Germany? On Wednesday the 9th of September you will find answers to these questions at the Cross Border E-commerce Event. This Dutch event takes places at ‘The Landgoederij’ in Bunnik, The Netherlands.

Keep up with ecommerce developments

The event provides information for retailers and e-commerce companies who want to keep up with international developments and expand their business to other countries. The event facilitates the exchange of knowledge and this concept has proven to be very successful in the past few years. This year, the organization strives to further deepen the knowledge of specific groups: CEO’s, marketing managers and country managers.

Presentations, Workshops and Best Practices

In the main hall you can listen to presentations for CEO’s and managers who are responsible for cross border expansion. One of the speakers is Patrick Kerssemakers, who will tell you everything about the international expansion of fonQ and his vision for the future. Patrick will answer all your questions and is able to advise you at a management level.

In the second hall you can join workshops for starters in a specific country. One of these sessions will be lead by Rogier van Kamp, CEO of Leapp. In March 2015 Leapp started to implement its multichannel formula in Germany. By now, the first webshop and physical shop have been opened in Düsseldorf. He will share his do’s and don’ts based on his own experience.

In the third hall best practices for marketing managers will be shared. You will hear about the road to success in another country by attending the presentation of Hotelspecials, winner of the Cross Border E-commerce Award 2015.

Round Tables

Every year the round tables are a fixed part of the program. Each table covers a specific theme such as ‘How do I expand to Germany?’ and ‘International Logistical Solutions’. “It will be a day full of practical information, trends and strategies for a jump start or expansion abroad”, according to Andreas Giese, director of Dexport, co-organiser of the event. Dexport specializes in German online marketing and with this event it responds to the many fast growing e-commerce companies. Giese: “The day will be finished by announcing the winner of the Cross Border Challenge and an international BBQ.“

Every year three e-tailers who want to enter a new country, take part in the Cross Border Challenge. Twinkle Magazine will follow them during one year and the winner will be determined by looking at their growth plans and progression. For more information about the program and applying, please visit the event website.

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