Stripe adds American Express Checkout to its offering

American Express has partnered with Stripe to let over 20 million cardholders pay online and in apps using their existing American Express login, rather than entering their full credit card details. Merchants using Stripe can simply add Amex Express Checkout to their website or app with a single code snippet.

American Express Checkout

With Amex Express Checkout -  announced in July this year - card members simply use their existing User ID and Password. American Express auto-fills the checkout fields with their American Express card details and relevant account information in a few clicks.

Amex Express Checkout is not a digital wallet, and does not require a cardholder to create or manage a new account. Burberry, Warby Parker, Gap, Newegg and The Wall Street Journal are amongst the first merchants committed to accept American Express checkouts.

Always Up-to-Date Account Information

American Express will securely pass on useful customer information to merchants such as address, email, and phone number. And that information will automatically be updated to ensure merchants will have the latest information of their customers and shopping and billing goes as smoothly as possible. There is no need to prompt customers to manually update their data when shopping onlin or in-app.

For more information visit Stripe's blog on this new service.


About Stripe

Stripe provides a sophisticated and frictionless way to accept credit card payments on websites and in mobile apps. Stripe's APIs are flexible enough to support almost any payment experience; behind the scenes, Stripe takes care of the heavy lifting, from security to daily deposits to your bank account. Stripe powers payments for thousands of businesses of every size -- from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Company-Bar-CTA-1
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