MasterPass in Europe: 40% increase month over month

MasterPass - the digital payment solution - is already accepted in 24 countries around the world and more recently in Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Turkey. Since its launch in February 2013, MasterPass is now accepted at over a quarter of a million retailers around the world and the number of MasterPass transactions in Europe have increased at an average of 40% every month for the last six months.

New Key MasterPass Acceptance

Media-Saturn, Shopgate, ASK Italian and 3Italia are among the latest to provide consumers with MasterPass for greater convenience and security in online and in app payments.

“MasterPass is shaping the future of online commerce and is providing consumers with a shortcut to what counts”, says Javier Perez, President MasterCard Europe. “Earlier this week, Media-Saturn announced the launch of MasterPass in six countries in Europe offering Media Markt’s and Saturn’s customers with a simple and safe check out experience.”

MasterPass in Germany

In Germany, Shopgate is now offering MasterPass to all retailers connected to its online platform and also one of the leading consumer electronics online retailers in Germany - TECHNIKdirekt - has also started offering MasterPass to its customers.

“When checking out on a mobile phone, less is more. The less data mobile users have to enter, the higher the chances to convert these users into customers and real sales. MasterPass is therefore the ideal solution to achieve this objective,” says Andrea Anderheggen, Founder & CEO of Shopgate. “A higher conversion rate also leads to a higher overall customer satisfaction and thus increases the chance of customers returning.”

MasterPass in the UK

It also has never been easier to buy tickets in the UK for concerts, festivals, theatre or buy last minute holidays thanks to Eventim, See Tickets and offering MasterPass for online payments. Louise Mullock, CEO at Eventim UK said: “Our customers are telling us they find the online payment experience faster and much simpler. We’re delighted with this because it means MasterPass is having a direct impact on customer loyalty.”

MasterPass in Italy

The number and diversity of retailers joining the MasterPass platform in Italy is growing rapidly with over 5,000 retailers since its launch in 2013. This represent 40% of all Italian online retailers with Trenitalia, Alitalia, Italo, Media World, Vodafone,,, Monclick and 3 Italia amongst the top 10 online retailers in Italy. Alitalia, the national airline of Italy, and the country’s primary train operator, Trenitalia, offer MasterPass as a checkout option to its travelers. 

MasterPass in Turkey

In Turkey, since it launched in June 2015, MasterPass has become the wallet that simplifies the life of everyone willing to buy a coffee, pay the taxi and order food and drinks online.  The partnerships with “Caffè Nero”, “Bi Taksi” (Get Taxi) and “Getir”, are transforming the way of shopping online and in app. In June 2015, Caffè Nero launched a successful campaign to promote MasterPass to its customers: Happy Mondays with MasterPass; a good excuse to have a free coffee on Mondays and fight the Monday depression.


MasterPass For Online Merchants

For merchants, MasterPass creates the opportunity to simplify their checkout process and reduce cart abandonment due to current lengthy payment checkout procedures. MasterPass especially enhances the checkout experiences on mobiles and tablets, as the shopper is able to pay with just a few clicks. MasterPass transactions use the same processing rails used for MasterCard card transactions.

So from a processing point of view there seems to be minimum impact, however, that is slightly different when it comes to the technical implementation of MasterPass within the merchant webshop. To create the best MasterPass checkout experience, it is up to ecommerce platforms, shopping cart platforms and Payment Service Providers servicing online merchants to make it as easy as possible for merchants to place the 'Buy with MasterPass'-button early in the checkout process.

Across all regions and online markets, MasterCard is working closely with all key players both on the merchant side and cardholder side to enrol the MasterPass service and create the best buyer experience while safeguarding secure transactions for both sides. Check out which Payment Service Providers already have committed to support MasterCard's digital wallet MasterPass.


Article sourced from MasterCard Newsroom, September 10th, 2015

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