Hesehus joins forces with AltaPay

More and more Danish companies are becoming aware of the opportunities in international e-commerce. Denmark’s leading e-commerce specialist Hesehus has therefore established a partnership with global payment platform AltaPay. AltaPay’s payment platform covers all popular payment methods, enabling online sales and payments from consumers all over the world. 

One Complete E-commerce Platform

For Hesehus, collaborating with AltaPay is part of the e-commerce firm’s strategy of offering the strongest partnerships to its clients combined in one complete e-commerce platform. By partnering with AltaPay, Hesehus can offer its customers an ambitious e-commerce solution that also includes a reputable global payment solution. 

Create Value

“Our prime objective is to create value for our customers, and we do this by giving them what they need to be the e-commerce winners of the future. We develop e-commerce solutions designed for the future and supplement our core competences with the best within other sectors so we can provide our customers with complete solutions that meet consumers’ needs,” says Lars Hedal, CEO of Hesehus.

The choice to collaborate with AltaPay is fully in line with the consumers’ needs, according to Lars Hedal, who adds: “For consumers, convenience and simplicity are crucial when it comes to online commerce. This is especially true for the payment process, which can subsequently influence sales and conversion rates. AltaPay is a market leader in payment solutions, and through this partnership, we can help our customers provide the best possible service to consumers all over the world – also in relation to the payment process.” 

Share the same Mindset

About the collaboration with Hesehus, Christian Rasmussen, CEO AltaPay A/S says: “One of the reasons for choosing Hesehus as a partner is that we share the same mindset when it comes to what we want to offer our customers. In addition to a competitive product, we emphasise superior support and a high level of service. Like us, Hesehus maintains continuous customer contact and follow-up, so any issues can be dealt with immediately. Failures in technology can be disastrous for an e-business, so we always need to be on the cutting edge, and Hesehus truly understands this.”

First Customer

The partnership has already resulted in the first joint customer. Global marketleader in maritime and fire safety, VIKING Life Saving Equipment, has been withHesehus for eight years, and they have chosen AltaPay’s payment solution fortheir new e-commerce solution based on the Hesehus 6 platform.    

Modular Platform

AltaPay’s modular payment platform helps companies the world over to receive payments through integration with banks and financial institutions, so they are equipped to handle the challenges of payments in a global marketplace.

Their customers include Hummel, Kate Spade, TopToy and, all of which sell products internationally and need a global payment solution that is up to the task. In collaboration with carefully selected partners all over the world, AltaPay offers e-commerce companies an efficient and streamlined payment solution that reduces both basket abandonment and the risk of fraud, as well as addressing multi-currency issues.

AltaPay is the only Danish company to be nominated as national champion for the 2015-2016 European Business Awards in the category “Growth Strategy of the Year”. 

About AltaPay

AltaPay is a global payment management company that delivers streamlined, scalable and tailored payment solutions to businesses across Europe and the USA. 

They help leading brands scale globally with secure and realiable payment coverage across multiple sales channels, currencies and payment methods. 

Their payment platform covers more than 100 payment mechanisms, including all popular payment methods - designed and tested to increase your conversion rate and maximise your revenue. AltaPay has offices in Denmark, Germany, the UK and US. 

Article sourced from Press Release by AltaPay, April 20th, 2016

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