Buckaroo awarded best Payment Provider in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Buckaroo has been awarded the title of best Payment Provider in the Netherlands for the third year in a row. Buckaroo owes this top position in the Emerce 100, Online Payments category, to the votes cast by decision makers who are employed in online marketing, ICT and e-business. 

Appreciated by clients and partners

Andre Valkenburg, Buckaroo’s CEO feels honored by this place in the election: ‘’As Buckaroo promised last year, our team has done their utmost best to also win this year. And with success! It feels fantastic to be awarded for the third year in a row. It is a confirmation that the personal and innovative approach from Buckaroo is appreciated by our clients and partners. Again, thanks to all our merchants and partners, because we couldn’t have achieved this award without them’’ 

New solutions and functionalities

Besides continuing to work on improvements for existing solutions, Buckaroo also introduces new solutions and functionalities that enables clients to do more and better business. For example, there has been introduced an e-mandate solution that ensures that you no longer need to maintain your own (paper) administration. 

''We see a strong increase in transactions initiated through mobile devices the last years. Buckaroo has responded by improving its feature for mobile. Also, Magento 2.0 has recently been launched. This new version of Magento is mainly based on the ideal customer journey where the the full omni- channel solution is key. And last but not least you will see more of our new Credit Management solution which focuses on customer retention and optimize cash flow in a highly efficient manner'' said Andre Valkenburg

Best Payment Service Provider in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Buckaroo has been awarded the title of best Payment Provider in the Netherlands in 2014, 2015 and 2016, this makes, this makes Buckaroo the only PSP who has ever been awarded for three years in a row.. The Emerce Top 100 survey is sent to more than 50.000 decision makers from the e-commerce branche. The participants were asked to assess companies on four different criteria (knowledge /know-how, value for money, reliability and flexibility).

About Buckaroo

Buckaroo has been a supplier of payment solutions in the Netherlands since 2005, specialized in billing & payments for companies and online payments for online retailers. Buckaroo is one of the leading Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands, with over 5.000 customers and 200 (web) partners. Buckaroo’s extensive customer base includes Staatsloterij (State Lottery), Pathé Theatres, Ziggo, Miss Etam, Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (Central Collection Agency), WoningNet, RTL Netherlands and Vanilia.

Part of Intrum Justitia

Buckaroo has formed part of the Intrum Justitia Group since January 2012. With over 3.800 employees in 20 different countries, Intrum Justitia is currently the largest supplier of credit management services in Europe. Intrum and Buckaroo have combined the best of both worlds in this partnership: Intrum’s strong level of expertise in the field of recoveries and Buckaroo’s many years of online billing & payments experience. The integration of both fields of expertise is expressed in a completely automated process, from payment to settlement, linked to the Buckaroo system.

About Emerce top 100

Emerce uses the Emerce 100 publication to report on how decision makers, who are employed within online marketing, ICT and e-business, have assessed services provider’s performance levels in the e-business and marketing industry during the past year. Emerce has asked research agency Motivaction for support with conducting the quantitative image research for the Emerce 100. Emerce’s editorial team prepared the questionnaire. Motivaction collected the data and processed the results. More information can be found on

Article sourced from Press Release by Buckaroo, April 2016
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