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SPOTLIGHT | In this edition of the About-Payments Spotlight we give the stage to SecurionPay. This swiss based payment service provider enables merchants with registered business in Europe to easily accept card payments online. Their focus is on leveraging simple code for easy payment gateway integration and at the same time provides great user experiences for (mobile) checkouts. 

1. How would you describe your business to merchants new-to-game?

SecurionPay is an innovative online payment gateway that redefines and simplifies credit and debit card processing. Our payment solution boosts merchant’s sales and increase conversion in the last step on the payment process.

We offer a hassle-free online and mobile-based payment solutions with extremely easy integration process using drag and drop wizard (perfect for merchants without technical skills) or our powerful and flexible API. Merchants can choose between 23 supported languages and 160 accepted currencies. 

2. What makes you different from other Payment Service Providers?

We provide a drag and drop solution, so even a non-technical online business owner can implement a payment gateway on his site. It takes just a few clicks, so it’s easy and one of the quickest way to start processing payments.

Developers can use a clear set of API and integrate a payment gateway the way they like. Also, our solution is adapted to mobile users, so the merchant’s customers can buy on any devices they want. Moreover, we offer a free conversion audit for online businesses, so they know what should be changed to boost their sales and increase conversion.

3. What are the triggers for online merchants to switch to your platform?

With SecurionPay online merchants can keep customers on their website without redirecting them to external payment providers. We also offer a “remember me” feature, so customers can choose to save their card information for later use.

All that, with cross sales and mobile friendly solution, improve the sales and increase conversion. Our signature feature -beautiful checkout - can be customised to meet the merchant’s needs.

SecurionPay provides a clear fees structure where processing starts with 2.95% + 0,25 euro per successful transaction, and there are no hidden or extra fees. Every payment is checked against fraud, so we are doing our best to limit the danger from online fraudulent activities.

4. What merchants or markets are you targeting?

SecurionPay is a perfect solution for ecommerce, online business owners and also for developers who care about a flexible and clear code. We provide payments for merchants who are registered in Europe. We know the European market and customer’s behavior as well as country-specific business condition and we give merchants the access to the best European acquiring banks.

5. How can merchants integrate with your platform?

We offer a simple integration for developers as well as for non-technical person. The payment gateway can be added to a merchant’s website or easily integrated with the popular ecommerce engines. Every online business owner without any technical skills can add a payment gateway to his website with drag and drop solution and it’s just a few clicks.

For developers, we prepared versatile and flexible API with documentation, so the implementation takes a few hours and it can be fully customisable. They can use a sandbox mode to test the environment with all the features before submitting it to live. It is ready for testing, regardless of the live mode and it’s available for everyone after a simple registration. To learn more, visit

6. What can merchants expect from your company in the nearby future?

They definitely may expect a better conversion. All successful online business owners know that conversion is even more important that payment provider’s pricing. 5 years ago Stripe started the evolution on the e-payment market and now, based on their experience, we are going one step further and giving a payment solution with powerful API and fully customisable product.

We provide a number of tools for convenient collaboration between developer and non-technical person in the company, so it comes with faster and effective onboarding. We also realize the importance of mobile technology, so we develop the product to fit this market. We believe that sometimes small changes can significantly increase conversion. 

7. What is it that merchants should know about your company?

SecurionPay is a great payment solution for a small online business and ecommerce as well as key players. We expand our product throughout many verticals and do our best to further improve the user flow.  

We launched a completely redesigned website with simpler navigation and registration process lately and we are doing more and more to tailor our solution for every online business. Our main goal is to give merchants a brand new payment experience with the best tools and technology to boost their conversion. 

8. Your 3 best practice tips for merchants looking to accept payments online.

1. Merchants need to ensure that their payment gateway provides the highest level security of processed data. The important part is what PCI levels provider is certified. They also should ask about fraud data protection to prevent the risk of fraudulent transactions.

2. Secondly, merchants should choose a proper payment gateway for their business, especially when it’s known as high-risk. Most payment providers have a list of businesses they do not support, so it’s good to check it first. 

3. Also, merchant should ask about payouts and reserve, especially for the frequency of settlements as well as the wire’s cost. If the volume that merchant’s processing is significant, certain acquiring banks take the wire cost on themselves or charge a merchant a few euros or USD for transfer. Merchants can find more questions to ask on SecurionPay's blog.

9. Cards and Alternative Payment Methods: Competitors or Best Friends?

The credit card sector is one of the largest and profitable segment on the payment market and it comes with a lot of challenges. We can see the high penetration level of credit and debit cards on the payment market and its positively correlated with lower costs. Card processing is also relatively stable and predictable. Using cards is still much cheaper solution than, for example, mobile carrier billing. But, sometimes it’s good to offer an alternative payment methods (cascading), for instance when credit card is rejected for some reason.


About The Company

SecurionPay helps online merchants set up card payments in a fast and completely hassle-free way. Our online and mobile-based payment solution simplifies the user flow and increases conversion rapidly.   

SecurionPay was established in 2014 in Switzerland. By providing innovative technology, know-how and years of experience in payment solutions, banking and IT development we have created a processing platform that became not only the most technologically advanced platform of its kind but also the most robust and reliable solution on the market. Our mission is to deliver products and services in a way that would win you over if you were the client. 

Are there any upcoming events wheremerchants can meet you?

There are many fintech events in the near future and you can find us at:
Fintech Security Summit
Global Dating Insights Conference
The European Summit

Are there specific company white papers or information for merchants to tap into?

We are running a blog where ecommerce owners, merchants and developers can find useful information about payments, ecommerce and fintech world. You can find here our company news, product updates and some great resources. Visit the blog regularly to be up-to-date:

Contact and Social Information

If you have any questions, email us at You will find all contact details on SecurionPay webpage. You can also subscribe our blog for current information about payments, fintech, ecommerce and our company. Moreover, we are active on social media, so you can find us on:

LinkedIn -

Twitter -

Facebook -

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