Worldpay expands into Australia

Worldpay is expanding in Australia after gaining its licence to process payments in what is one of Asia Pacific’s largest eCommerce markets.

The company’s expansion in Australia comes at a time of sustained growth for Worldpay, which processed 13.1 billion transactions in 2015 valued at £401.9 billion (approximately $593.3 billion).

Extensive international reach

A number of global companies, including ASOS, Expedia, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Digital World International and Freelancer have already turned to Worldpay for payment processing in Australia, attracted by both the company’s extensive international reach, as well as its ability to process a wide range of alternative payment methods such as mobile wallets and bank transfers.

Strategically important region

Ecommerce in Australia accounted for $42 billion of the country’s GDP in 2015, and the country’s consumers lead the world in terms of mobile wallet adoption, which is favored by 21 percent of shoppers buying goods online. Consequently, Worldpay is ideally placed to help merchants across Australia capitalize on opportunities presented by a market with high Internet penetration and a technologically-savvy consumer base.

Alison Lygo, Senior Treasury Manager, ASOS, which is using Worldpay to process payments in Australia said: “Worldpay offers us a fast, reliable payment experience at checkout. ”The Payments Manager at Cathay Pacific Airlines also added: “In Worldpay, Cathay Pacific has a trusted partner in Australia to provide consultancy and domestic processing in this strategically important region.

Drive up conversion rates and drive down the costs

”Shane Happach, Managing Director, Global eCommerce at Worldpay, concluded: “We are delighted to extend our services into Australia, which is a tremendously exciting market with lots of growth opportunity. We have quickly found merchants trading in Australia are hungry for a payment solution that can help them drive up conversion rates and drive down the costs of running an online business across multiple markets.

These attributes, together with the data insight and range of alternative payment methods we can offer merchants trading in Australia, gives us a clear edge in the market which we hope to capitalize on fully in the years to come.”

Worldpay is a leading payments company with global reach. They provide an extensive range of technology-led payment products and services to over 400,000 customers, enabling their businesses to grow and prosper. They manage the increasing complexity of the payments landscape for their customers, allowing them to accept the widest range of payment types around the world.

Using their network and technology, Worldpay is able to process payments from geographies covering 99 percent of global GDP, across 146 countries and 126 currencies. They help their customers to accept more than 300 different payment types.

Article sourced from Press Release by Worldpay, 9th August 2016
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