Alternative Payments simplifies x-border trade through e-commerce payment widget

Alternative Payments, one of the leaders in providing credit card alternatives and local payment options launched a Payment Widget.

This innovative payment solution is a fast, secure, simple and personalised checkout option for online retailers and businesses wishing to eliminate cross-border barriers and quickly process payments from all over the world.

About the Payment Widget

Besides offering a technology and design, the Payment Widget provides an entirely new shopping experience for every consumer, ‘automagically’ locating the user via the geo-location system.

The Widget then displays the appropriate language, currency and payment options that apply to that particular customer. This way customers do not need to worry about exchange rates, payment option availability or language barriers, which makes this solution a cut above the rest.

With 40+ languages, 160+ currencies and a broad portfolio of local payment options, accepting cross-border transactions has been simplified.

Few lines of code

Merchants and businesses can quickly take advantage of this frictionless international e-commerce solution by opening a free account with Alternative Payments. By adding just a few lines of code to their web shop, they can accept payments from all over the world. The Widget is fully customizable to match their online store branding.

Increasing merchants' reach

Alternative Payments remains one of the few providers focused entirely on increasing merchants’ reach by offering only the local payment methods to customers and converting sales retailers would have missed out on by relying only on credit cards.

About Alternative Payments

Alternative Payments provides a global payment infrastructure to ensure e-commerce merchants can convert international web traffic into approved transactions. The core gateway handles cross border payments by streamlining a robust portfolio of global payments solutions into a single checkout flow.

Alternative Payments is the exclusive provider of the direct debit solution EuroDebit®/SEPA, reaching over 520 million EU consumers. Merchants experience frictionless onboarding and quick access to the global online marketplace. 

Article sourced from Press Release by Alternative Payments, 16th November 2016
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