Danish based card acquirer Clearhaus shows profit in less than 21 months

In March 2015 the Danish fintech-company, Clearhaus, launched its payment solution for online businesses. Since then the company has concurred roughly 15-20% of the Danish market for online card acquiring with more than 5,000 customers.

The fintech-company is experiencing continued growth and the financial figures for 2016 shows an EBITA of approximately 630.000 EUR. "In 2015 we only had nine months of operation, and thus 2016 was the first year where we ran full operations in all 12 months.

The result is satisfactory as we continue to invest heavily in the development and automation." Says Claus Methmann Christensen, CEO in Clearhaus A/S

Strong growth abroad

With a business model that in just 21 months has created a surplus and with activities in most EU countries, Clearhaus is geared to establish itself in several countries. With systems and know how knowledge in place, it is time for a major growth adventure for the Danish acquiring company.

If we look back at 2016, 75% of the revenue was generated outside of Denmark - which is a figure that is expected to be increased further in 2017."We have seen Europe as our home market from the beginning and built our systems based on that, which has made it easier for us to move outside of the Danish borders." Tells Claus Methmann Christensen.

With the expansion strategy in place, Clearhaus continues to move into even more European countries. Often it happens in cooperation with local financial institutions and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) whom with the local industry insight can convey the message of a new competitive acquirer.

Automation and machine learning

Clearhaus has launched an ambitious investment program in the software area. "We work with many different technologies, including machine learning, but basically we are working on making our customers good and make it as easy as possible to be an online business.

Additionally, we focus on continuing our development of intelligent software to spot attempts of money laundering, since it’s still a focus area for both the authorities and partners," says Claus Methmann Christensen, CEO in Clearhaus A/S.

About Clearhaus

Clearhaus was founded in 2011 with one goal: to simplify online payments. We aim to deliver payment solutions to online stores across Europe. We develop and maintain our own infrastructure and by using new technology we've made online payments become faster, simpler and more secure.

With rapid growth since we launched, Clearhaus were awarded Best Exponential Startup in the Nordic Region in 2016.

Article sourced from press release by Clearhaus

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