Realex Payments to speak at NCI event to highlight IT job opportunities

DUBLIN - Realex Payments are delighted to present at the National College of Ireland in the IFSC next Wednesday, at an event for job seekers to hear about opportunities available in the IT sector.

The event will allow those attending to meet experts, learn about the companies recruiting and the type of skills that are required as well as hearing about what presenters do on a  day-to-day basis and what people can expect if they are working in this area.

Dave Rook our security analyst (@securityninja on Twitter) will present at the event. Dave regularly presents at IT security conferences, most recently at BSidesLV in Las Vegas, and will give a overview of current roles available at Realex Payments. We currently have over 25 opportunities available, and welcome applications from new graduates.

Further information on the event called: Find your silver lining, is available from the NCI and on the NCI Twitter.
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