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The Brazilian Online Retail eCommerce Sales for 2012 is projected at 12.2 billion USD (+25%) | Over 82 million Brazilians have internet access | Credit cards are nr.1 payment method | Brazil aiming for 25 billion online sales by 2017.

Brazil eCommerce Market

The Brazilian online retail sales will most probably exceed the 12 billion US dollars in 2012. As of the first quarter in 2012, there are over 82.6 million Internet users in the country, exceeding the number of Internet users in, for example, Germany (67M) and the UK (52M). Brazil ranks 8th on the GDP world ranking with over 2,29 trillion US dollar, just below Russia and above the United Kingdom.

According to a report by Forrester, Brazil is set to remain the leading e-commerce market in Latin America | over 62% of the total e-commerce sales in the region originates from Brazil. Forrester expects that the online retail sales will reach more than $ 25 billion in Brazil by 2017. Brazil is supposed to be the most advanced and biggest e-commerce market in the Latin American region.

The Brazilian eCommerce market is evolving fast. For a few years the main contributors to the growth were the upper middle class. Now, online shopping has expanded to other classes and has become more mainstream now. The Brazilians now also see the benefit of shopping online for goods like apparel and accessories, instead of mainly buying online for computer hardware and consumer electronics.

Main drivers for the fast growing Brazilian online retail sales are the rapid economic development in the last years (10% in two-years time), improved life standard and over 82 million people having access to the internet. The eCommerce future for Brazil looks very promising.


Preferred Payment Methods Brazil

Brazilians use national payment methods for about 90% of their online purchases when given the choice. Brazilian credit cards are often limited to perform only transactions in their home currency Real. Credit card payments with Installments are an absolute must in Brazil. 'Boleto Bancario' is the leading payment method for business as well as consumers.

IMPORTANT! All these payment methods are subject to legal restrictions and are only made available to Brazilian corporations.

Boleto Bancario

Boleto Bancario is a consumer driven payment, which means that it relies on the consumer to initialize the payment action (often triggered by an (electronic) invoice). Brazilian consumers can use Boleto Bancario to complete online purchases by using their online banking system. Once the payment is made, a payment confirmation is provided in real-time, while the settlement of funds may take longer. There is no built in logic for direct debits nor for recurring payments in the Boleto Bancario scheme (no automatic installment capability).

Local credit cards | Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, HiperCard, Elo

Credit cards are the number one online payment method in Brazil. That leaves merchants with a couple of challenges. Brazilians credit cards are restricted and can be used for domestic, Real currency transaction only. Cross-border credit card payments (merchant location is outside Brazil) will therefore be nihil or at least, very limited. And, in addition, merchants should search for an acquirer capable of processing credit card installments. Most often they would have to engage a domestic, brazilian acquirer.


Local credit cards with Installments

Brazilians prefer to spread their payments for online purchases over a certain period of time. According to research more than 53% of all credit card payments processed online in Brazil are made with so-called 'installment credits'. This preference exists across all industries regardless of the type of goods sold or the average purchase amount.


Itaú Shopline

Itau Shopline is a payment solution that provides shoppers the ease of paying online via bank transfer, 'crediario Itau auto' or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Diners). The 'crediario itau auto' is some kind of online lending facility available to participating consumers and  merchants. There is no risk for the online retailer (money is guaranteed) and the purchase amount will be processed to the outstanding balance of the consumer's account.


Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on delivery (COD) in Brazil is a popular payment method that allows the purchaser to pay at the time of delivery (generally to the shipping company), rather than paying at the time of purchase. There is a preference fro COD because goods can be quality assured by the receiver prior to payment.

Other Brazilian payment methods: Bradesco Comercio Eletrônico, Banco do Brasil Comercio Electrônico, National Wire Transfer



Payment Gateways Brazil

Payment gateways or Payment Service Providers are the 'hub' for eCommerce merchants to various payment methods. By linking online shoppers and stores through online payment solutions, these gateways play a critical role.


AllPago | BrasPag | DineroMail | PagBrasil | GlobeBill | PagosOnline | Smart2Pay | Global Collect |



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UPDATED: 18 November 2012

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