Norway E-commerce Market | Market View

Norway’s broadband penetration is among the highest in Europe mainly within the personal and home use. 91% people are connected to the Internet | or over 4mn users| 86% have broadband access (2011). Sweden ranks 2nd on the broadband internet ranking list according to a research conducted by Eurostat in 2011. Over 73% of all Swedish households with online access have purchased goods or services in the last 12 months. 'The Sweeds' like to be online and like to spend. The average annual order value per Sweed is estimated around $ 1,200 for 2011.

Compared to other Western-European countries the Swedish E-commerce Market is quite a mature market place. To draw the picture by comparison: 10.8M belgians purchase for 1.85 billion USD dollar online | just over 9.1 million Sweeds buy online for over $ 10.8 billion in 2011. The Swedish economy seems to further drive sales both offline and online | in 2011 their GDP increased with 4.4% to nearly 380 billion USD. The average GDP per capita is close to $ 40,000 which make them #20 on the worldwide ranking.

The m-commerce market size is yet unknown, however, the potential is out there: already over 52% of the Sweeds has a smartphone subscription | an increase of 35% compared to 2010.


Norway E-commerce Market | Payment Methods

The preferred online payment method in Sweden is to pay by credit card | MasterCard and Visa are the market's favorite cards. Credit cards have still a slight advantage over Online Bank Transfers (30%), however, they seem to gain market share due to the secure nature of the payment for both consumer and merchant. A substantial part of the Sweeds prefer to pay per invoice (28%). Cards, Online Bank Transfers and Invoice together represent over 90% of all offered payment methods.


Norway E-commerce Market | Payment Gateways

DIBS Payment Services | ePay | Zombaio | Samport | Paynova | Worldpay |


Norway E-commerce Market | Payment Acquirers - Banks or Financial Institutions offering online payment products

Nordea | Euroline (SEB group) | Teller | Valitor | Sedbank | Worldpay | European Merchant Services


Norway E-commerce Market | Industry Bodies

Svensk Distanshandel | Swedish Home Shopping Association

Part of Ecommerce Europe (launched beginning 2012)


Norway E-commerce Market | Research & Publications | Scandinavia B2C E-commerce Report 2011 and Europe B2C E-commerce Report 2011

Reportlinker | E-commerce Industry in Norway (multiple publications)

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