Two like-minded companies, InspirePay and Dwolla, have come together to disrupt the credit card industry and shift the power back to the people. Together, Dwolla and InspirePay are challenging the status quo. InspirePay is already the leading payments aggregator; enabling merchants to offer multiple payment options to their customers though a simple, elegant, brand-able interface. This encourages competition among payments providers, driving down the transactions costs for the users.

Dwolla has quickly ascended to the top of the payments industry, mainly because of their strict adherence to low processing fees. Retailers and their customers can transfer money quickly and easily and avoid many of the transaction costs that are typically incurred using credit cards. It is the fastest growing company in the payments industry and continues to grow after a very successful recent capital raise that netted 5 million dollars led by Union Square Ventures.

In addition to Dwolla, PayPal, the most well-known payment service provider, has also been added to InspirePay’s list of supported services. As a result, InspirePay users can now get paid through PayPal, Dwolla, Stripe, and many other service providers using a simple, personal link.

Ben Milne, founder and builder of Dwolla said, “Since the launch of InspirePay’s flexible platform, people and merchants are no longer being forced into the technical or financial constraints of any one payment set. InspirePay built a platform that recognizes this fact. They've created a straightforward and simple way to get paid, while allowing their users to select the payment suites and options that fit them best. We're thrilled and humbled that InspirePay found Dwolla's value proposition and culture worth bringing to their community."

InspirePay has seen great success in just its first month of operations. Mark Fischer, InspirePay’s Founder, reports, “It’s been amazing. We have users from all over the world in all different vertical markets. Small business owners, practitioners, and even friends just looking to split a dinner bill are all using InspirePay because of how flexible and intuitive it is." Mark’s statements are supported by the numbers; over $100,000.00 has been transferred in just the first five weeks.

InspirePay has made enough waves in the payments industry that even at this early phase, they have already had acquisition inquiries. Despite the initial success, Mark Fischer is quick to point out, “We remain a B Corporation at heart; and our goal is to democratize the payments industry by leveling the playing field. We couldn’t be happier with the early success of the company, and we’re excited about collaborating with other sustainably minded companies like Dwolla; where, together, we are literally building the future of money.”

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