$10 billion Indian E-commerce Market to 10-fold in 6 years

India’s Booming Ecommerce Market: Just a Hype or Reality?

There have been lot buzz around India’s Ecommerce market. Recently, eBay India Head Deepa Thomas stated that ecommerce market will continue to expand in India and the country will be one of the top 10 e-commerce hubs in the world by 2015. India has huge population, and therefore, the demand for services is high. But, can we really consider that as a big market, when half of the population does not even have proper access to the internet. Referral Candy has come up with an infographic that analyzes how lucrative the Indian Ecommerce market actually is.

According to the infographic, the $10 billion Ecommerce market of India is only one sixth of U.S’s $167 billion market. But, there are positive signs of its growth and expansion in the years to come. E-Commerce volume will increase to 10-fold if the current growth rate continues for next 6 years. There would be 98% increase in rural internet users and 84% increase in mobile internet users. The E-commerce infrastructure will improve and people would also get more comfortable making payments online. Check out this infographic for more details.

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