mopay First to Introduce Multi Country Recurring Billing Option for Digital Content

MUNICH & PALO ALTO - mopay, a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants, today announced the addition of an extended recurring billing feature to its global mobile payments platform. With this new billing option, mopay provides online merchants who offer subscription-based services and content to consumers with a new, easy-to-use payment capability.

The new feature enables consumers to subscribe to a variety of different services from magazines to movies to online interactive games. Utilizing mopay’s onetime purchasing process feature, users will be automatically billed in daily, weekly or monthly cycles without further interaction needed. The new capability will be aggressively rolled out across the majority of mopay’s connected countries within the next 12 months.

mopay clients from various industries have already implemented the new billing option. Longtime client Bigpoint, one of the largest online game developer and publishers worldwide, offers its users special bonuses and premium features that can be ordered via mopay’s recurring billing option, giving the gamers an edge in the online battle. The new feature has resonated especially well with online dating companies, enabling users to subscribe to features that make their profiles standout in order to make new friends more easily. Online merchants utilizing the mopay recurring billing capabilities are able to offer regular subscriptions as well as trial or sample subscriptions, the latter being temporary subscriptions automatically terminating after a defined period of time.

Subscribing to services via mopay brings the convenient mopay purchasing process for single payments to a broad spectrum of recurring billing scenarios. At check-out, consumers enter their mobile phone number, receive a PIN via SMS and enter that PIN online to complete the purchase process. Unlike mopay’s single payment process, instead of authorizing a one-time payment, the consumer triggers a recurring payment which he is informed of both on the site’s check-out page and the payment window itself. The subscription fee will automatically be billed to the mobile phone account at the start of a new cycle without the consumer having to go through another payment process. Benefits include:

  • Customizable billing cycles: with mopay, online merchants can choose to bill their customers for subscription services daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Wide range of subscription price tiers: mopay allows merchants to bill for goods or services at a variety of recurring payments up to $50.
  • Global coverage: after introducing the recurring billing option to its core markets, mopay will gradually roll out the new feature across all of its more than 80 countries.
  • Ease of use and management: consumers follow the same process as if they were making a one-time purchase; all subscriber and customer service management issues are handled via mopay, alleviating management processes for the merchant.
“mopay’s recurring billing option opens up a new avenue for online merchants to combine their offers with an easy-to-use payment method while simultaneously expanding global reach,” said Kolja Reiss, Managing Director at mopay Inc. “As online content continues to grow, so does consumer demand; thus it behooves online merchants to offer their customers convenient, safe and fast payment solutions that make the purchase process easy, resulting in more completed transactions. Since mopay’s recurring billing option can be completely customized, nearly every online content producer can offer billing convenience to their customers, ensuring that revenue continues to be collected without putting the burden on consumers.”



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