Percentage of Online Sales through Mobile Devices Breaks 5% Barrier

  • Sales via mobile devices grow from 0.4% of total e-retail sales to 5.3% in just two years
  • 2.6% of visits to e-retail sites were through mobile in 2010; this surged to 8.2% in 2011
  • Slight drop in click & collect sales; 9.8% in Q4 compared with 10.4% in previous quarter
The popularity of shopping through mobile devices is continuing to grow at remarkable speed, with sales through mobile devices penetrating the 5% barrier of total e-retail sales for the first time. In Q4 of 2011 (see note on retail quarters below) mobile sales accounted for 5.3% of e-retail sales, which has shot up from 0.4% over the space of just two years. This represents a staggering growth rate of 1,320%. Mobile figures include those made through tablet devices.

Visits to retail sites through mobile devices also experienced impressive growth, breaking through the 10% barrier as a percentage of total traffic for the first time. In Q3 of 2011, 8.2% of visits were through mobile; this rose to 11.6% in Q4.

In the previous quarter there was a surge in click & collect sales, which shot up to 10.4% of total online sales. In Q4 this dropped to 9.8%. At this time it is unclear whether this option has reached a peak in popularity, or whether it is in relation to click & collect options not being available through all retailers during the January sales period.

There was also good news from a fraud perspective, with the number of orders cancelled due to fraud dropping to its lowest level recorded in the two year period – 1.6% in Q4, less than half of that recorded (3.6%) in Q1 of 2010.

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