JetPay Ensures Direct Air Passengers They Will Receive Refunds

DALLAS - JetPay, a Dallas-based payment services provider and developer of JetPay™, a suite of payment transaction processing solutions, today reacted to the collapse of Direct Air, the public charter airline, assuring passengers they are prepared to handle all refunds.

Last week, Direct Air moved to suspend operations, canceled scores of flights at the height of the spring break travel season, and filed for bankruptcy protection. At the same time, JetPay filed a motion – joined by the Department of Transportation, American Express, and Merrick Bank – to ensure that their federally required credit card escrow account would be separated from the bankruptcy funds.

“JetPay filed this motion to protect consumers and their charge-back rights,” said JetPay president Trent Voigt, explaining further, “All consumer funds are deposited in to a Department of Transportation escrow account to protect consumers in this exact situation. JetPay also carries catastrophic charge-back insurance to be able to easily deal with these kinds of rare occurrences and will cover any shortfalls if any exists within the escrow account.”

Voigt continued, "It is unfortunate that Direct Air's customers were abandoned as they were. JetPay stands behind its customers and is wholly solvent with the right insurances in place to make sure all valid credit card charge backs are covered.”


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