RBK Money opens business unit in UK

LONDON - RBK Money, a Russian electronic payment platform, has opened a business unit in London to manage its new European operations.

In addition, the company has joined forces with the UK Trade & Investment to help UK-based companies who want to trade with Russia.

Russia is an important market for the UK and offers significant opportunities for UK businesses. More than 600 British companies are already doing business in Russia and this trend looks set to grow. Russia is the UK's third-largest export market outside Europe and North America. Bilateral trade with Russia has increased from GBP 8.6 billion to over GBP 12 billion in 2011, the UK Trade & Investment has unveiled.

RBK Money provides online payments via e-wallet, credit and debit cards, instant money transfers, as well as services for online businesses. The payment method is widely spread across Russia. RBK Money collaborates with Russian banks and operates in 40,000 Russian post offices.


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