Ogone named as European launch partner for PayPass Wallet Services by MasterCard

BRUSSELS - Ogone, specialist in online payment services today became the first European payment services provider to partner with MasterCard to offer PayPass Wallet. PayPass Wallet, launched by MasterCard on May 7th* is a new global solution for banks, merchants and partners that will make it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases in stores or online by allowing them to securely pay with a simple click of the mouse, touch of the tablet screen or tap of the smartphone.

As a result of the partnership, e-retailers using the Ogone platform will be able to offer their customers this unique service allowing consumers to store payment and shipping information in one, convenient and secure place. The Wallet is open so consumers can use American Express, Discover, Visa and other branded credit, debit and prepaid cards.

MasterCard will make PayPass Wallet Services available in the third quarter of 2012 initially in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia. The integration of PayPass Wallet to the Ogone system is expected to be completed in one of the forthcoming quarterly Ogone platform update releases.

Marcus W. Mosen, Chief Commercial Officer of Ogone, said of the agreement: “Ogone is dedicated to making it easier for the consumer to pay online and for the retailer to be paid. PayPass Wallet Services is a payment wallet solution designed to simplify the shopping experience while providing flexibility and choice to banks, consumers and merchants. It was therefore an obvious decision for us to partner with MasterCard to offer PayPass Wallet as part of our unrivalled portfolio of payment solutions.”

"MasterCard is delighted to see Ogone integrate PayPass Online into their online and mobile merchant gateway services", says Jorn Lambert, Group Head, Emerging Payments, Europe. "Ogone is a leading European payment service provider with international reach, and this shows the potential and value of PayPass Wallet services as an attractive solution for e-tailers, both large and small, to enhance their online payment and checkout experiences and easily accept payments from any connected device, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones ". Currently, more than 35,000 online shops in 45 countries trust Ogone to deliver comprehensive payment solutions.

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