6th Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit

The 6th Mobile Financial Services Asia Pacific Summit will give all players in the ecosystem opportunity on how they can take part of what analysts have forecasted that is “mobile commerce will reach €500 billion by 2014” from a combination of in-store payments, remote payments, domestic person-to-person transfers and international remittance. Seize this opportunity to take a deep-dive into one of the most interesting and fastest growing markets in Mobile Financial Services in the world, with a huge take up on services. This year’s Mobile Financial Services APAC Summit (MFS APAC) is moving to the

Philippines! This event will enable you to bring home practical solutions to your existing challenges that is based on real case studies from experts drawn from different parts of the world. For more information, please visit:

Download the latest event brochure 6th Mobile Financial Services Asia Summit 2012



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