MyBank technical pilot proves concept of pan-European e-payment solution

UTRECHT - The recent EBAday payments conference in Edinburgh was the occasion used to mark the first test transaction between the French BRED Banque Populaire and the Istituto Centrale delle Bakche Popolari Italiane (ICBPI) using technology that will underlie the future MyBank service.

The MyBank solution, which is being proposed by a Luxembourg banking consortium, will be available to consumers across the EU from early 2013 to make affordable and reliable e-commerce transactions.

It has already achieved buy-in from a significant number of banking interests in France, Italy, Austria, Scotland, Greece and elsewhere. It has also received the endorsement of the recently formed E-Commerce Europe organisation, a pan-European trade association that brings e-commerce trade associations from EU member states together in a pan-European context.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has launched a Green Paper entitled “Toward an integrated future for card, internet and mobile payments”, which aims to implement a ‘digital agenda’ aimed at supporting a smarter economy based around electronic commerce

Find the latest on MyBank here.

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