WorldPay rolls out Dispute Management System

LONDON - Global provider of payment and risk services WorldPay has rolled out Dispute Management System (DMS), a technology which automates the monitoring and processing of Requests for Information (RFI) and chargebacks.

DMS is a chargeback management platform which enables merchants to respond to issuer-initiated chargeback and RFI requests. In addition, DMS also helps merchants prevent online account suspension. The DMS incorporates a functionality which allows merchants to ‘bulk upload’ documents for review so multiple sources of information can be attached to a chargeback file.

The newly launched services also enables merchants to gain access to an electronic record and audit trail of merchant chargeback and RFI history, regardless of acquirer or existing gateway. Apart from that, DMS allows merchants to set internal access privileges and create new user accounts, ensuring control of who can access and view the data.

Merchants are able to access DMS by logging in using a URL in accordance with their credentials. It works by:

• Providing a location for the acquiring payment processor to place RFI and chargeback requests into batch files on a daily basis • Allowing the merchant to view files alongside the ‘reason of dispute’ and transaction details for the relevant RFI or chargeback • Allowing the merchant to confirm the purchase, sending supporting documentation to WorldPay, who then relays the response to the issuer • Based on the issuer’s response, the merchant can update the status of the dispute within the DMS and proceed accordingly

WorldPay has 75 national and international payment methods and operates in over 40 countries worldwide.



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