Shopify integrates global online payment provider Skrill

LONDON - Skrill Holdings, operating Moneybookers, one of Europe’s largest online payment systems has announced today that it has partnered with Shopify, an online e-commerce platform that allows individuals to create digital stores.

As a result of this partnership, the thousands of retailers that use Shopify can now offer their customers the option of securely purchasing products and services through Moneybookers.

The integration of the Moneybookers gateway means Shopify merchants can now profit from global sales and sell internationally by accepting over 100 payment options from all around the world with one single integration. This helps merchants convert global traffic into buyers and immediately opens up new revenue potential.

In addition, Moneybookers is one of the most popular forms of international electronic payment. A safe, quick and convenient way to pay and store your money online, shoppers are only required to give details of the relevant email and password associated with their Moneybookers account, and then proceed directly to make a secure payment utilizing the account. There’s no need to type in credit or debit card details with each transaction.

Moneybookers also offers other benefits such as highly competitive charges and rigorous internal risk management as standard. Merchants can also opt for full chargeback protection.

Ralf Wenzel, COO of Skrill Holdings, operating Moneybookers, said: “With only one simple integration our service allows any online-merchant to immediately internationalise their stores and attract international customers. In addition, our fraud risk prevention on every payment and charge-back protection, which are available upon request, gives merchants an added layer of security.

“We are pleased to welcome Shopify to our partner portfolio. We believe that our hassle-free solution will provide great value to Shopify vendors.”

Harley Finkelstein, JD, MBA. Chief Platform Officer, said, “Moneybookers has become an important partner in the Shopify ecosystem with more and more of our merchants requesting Moneybookers integration. Their platform allows you to shop and pay for items directly and securely without having to reveal banking or credit card information. Trust and confidence in our partners is a central tenant of the Shopify API and Moneybookers reflects this philosophy.”

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