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SAN FRANCISCO | PayPal has accounced that after months of hard work by its marketing, design and web development teams their website,, has been completely redesigned. Starting today, it’s rolling out to customers in the U.S. Everyone in the U.S. should see it within a couple of weeks and the new site will be coming to the rest of our 110 million users worldwide later.

The following is taken from the PayPal blog

According to web analytics company Alexa, is the 18th most important website in the United States. That’s a higher ranking than many of the most well known brands around, and better than any news organization or financial services company in the world. is where more than 40 million of our customers regularly go to manage their relationship with us, so it was with the utmost care and critical evaluation that we approached this new redesign. The team responsible for the new look and functionality of had one thing in mind when they started this redesign: the customer.

At PayPal, we believe the best technology is the kind that helps customers achieve their goals without getting in the way. This holds true for our extremely simple and secure online and offline payment solutions and we adopted this same thinking for the website.

In reviewing our previous site we found there were literally thousands of pages that were simply not useful to our consumers any longer. With this new look and feel we’ve dramatically cut down the number of pages offered and focused on those that provide the solutions that the majority of our customers are looking for.

We spent countless hours talking to our customers to try and find out what they felt were the most important and useful tools on our website. It turns out that the vast majority really had just a handful of simple needs, such as checking their account balance or sending money.

Our old site focused more on the products and less on the way that our customers wanted to use our products. As part of this renewed focus on the customer, we are making the login process as easy and intuitive as possible and have reworked the overall navigation of the site to ensure users can get to what they want quickly.

We’re also dramatically simplifying our menus and label solutions to showcase our most popular offerings, and now have an “explore” link that will highlight the newest and most exciting innovations we’re working on.

We want our customers to feel like they can interact with us whenever they need us most and wherever they may be. And we want this interaction to be simple, secure and give them instant access to their money to enable them to accomplish whatever they want.

We think this new redesign goes a long way to ensuring this kind of interaction online, and we’ll continue to strive for this with all of our products and services whether a consumer is interacting with us on the web, on a phone or in a store.

We’d love to know what you think of the new so please let us know in the comments section below. And expect to see more changes to our service in the coming months.

- Vikas Bhatia, senior director, online marketing






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