Richard Cooperstein Joins mopay Board of Directors

PALO ALTO, CA | mopay, a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants, today announced that Richard Cooperstein has joined its Board of Directors. Cooperstein, Media Investment Group’s Senior Managing Partner, brings tremendous global strategic expertise and insights in the digital media and technology industries which will contribute to further expanding the company’s product and corporate strategy identifying new market opportunities. With the latest addition to its Board of Directors, mopay gains one of digital media’s true visionaries.

“We are very enthusiastic to welcome Richard as a key new member of the Board of Directors”.

Richard Cooperstein has held operating roles in some of the most influential media and technology corporations worldwide, including Facebook, Disney, Viacom and Time Warner/Warner Bros. International. In his Facebook role, Cooperstein was the original Head of International Business Development and Strategy helping to build the company that now operates the world’s largest social network. In total, Cooperstein brings more than 20 years of industry experience which mopay is now able to benefit from.

“I am honored to join one of the leading global mobile payments providers as a board member,” said Richard Cooperstein. “With the massive progress made in mobile payments within the last several years and mopay playing an integral part in it, I believe that this company is at the helm and is actively shaping the way consumers will be paying in the future. Providing exceptional technology and experience, mopay helps a wide variety of merchants to monetize their products in the mobile space. I am delighted to guide the executive leadership and the Board of Directors at mopay to help the mobile payments business extend into new markets and industries. mopay’s market leading, innovative global payment technology platform will extend online merchants’ reach into broader target groups, geographies and provide increased monetization - a win-win situation in its truest sense.”

“We are very enthusiastic to welcome Richard as a key new member of the Board of Directors,” said Kolja Reiss, Managing Director of mopay Inc. “Benefitting from the extensive experience and insights of a digital and social media veteran of his caliber, will ensure that mopay will set the pace in direct carrier billing related mobile payments for years to come. As mobile payments continue their ascent through the bulk of digital media industries, Richard will provide valuable vision and guidance for our products and brand.”


About mopay:

mopay is a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants. mopay’s core platform enables merchants of virtual, digital and physical goods to bill charges directly to consumers’ cell phone and land line accounts. mopay operates in more than 80 countries across the globe, reaching more than 4.3 billion consumers. The company has a blue-chip customer base including major brands such as Bigpoint, Gameforge, Innogames, Sulake and Travian. mopay, part of the MindMatics group, has more than 100 employees at locations in the United States, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and Romania. For more information, visit


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