Eurostar Signs Contract With DataCash For Multi-Channel Payments

LONDON | Today, DataCash announces that Eurostar has signed a contract to rollout a full multi-channel payment processing solution across cardholder present and cardholder not present transactions, which will also include fraud screening.

Eurostar is a high-speed passenger service linking London to mainland Europe. Multi-channel payment processing from DataCash will enable Eurostar customers to make payments online, through call centres, at train stations and on Eurostar trains. The significant benefit to Eurostar is that all payments will be consolidated centrally through the DataCash Payment Gateway. A consolidated approach will also mean that Eurostar are able to deliver a consistent customer experience. The solution itself will addresses secure card processing and PCI compliance with a full product suite to include tokenisation and end to end encryption.

Ajay Bhalla, President of DataCash, said "As pioneers in this field we are very pleased to be able to work with Eurostar to deliver payment processing to align with all their business requirements. The team are heavily engaged and we look forward to working closely with Eurostar in the coming months."


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