Ogone Brings Ethoca's Advanced Anti-Fraud Screening to 28,000 Ogone Customers in Europe and Beyond

Leading European Payment Service Provider Sees Providing Access to Ethoca’s Global Database of Payment Histories As Essential to Card Not Present Fraud Prevention. Ethoca, the leader in collaborative-based fraud management for ecommerce, has signed a relationship with global payment service provider Ogone to enhance fraud screening for Ogone’s customers.

Ogone customers using the Fraud Detection Module Advanced may activate the enhanced fraud screening for free through May 31st, 2011 by visiting

The new relationship means Ogone customers can enable real-time automatic fraud checks against the histories of hundreds of merchants in the Ethoca network. After activating the service, customers’ transactions will be automatically checked for chargeback histories, velocity, inconsistencies, and other negative patterns. Customers can see the results instantly because checks are in real-time.

The fraud-risk information provided by Ethoca through Ogone is available only to those who opt in to the Ethoca network. Members of the Ethoca network are connected to a pool of member-provided transaction data, securely maintained and managed to protect the privacy of both customers and members.

“Access to the Ethoca network to prevent fraud is the next step in fraud management, and Ethoca has the technology and compliance programs in place to help both local and global businesses reap its benefit,” said Ogone’s CEO Peter De Caluwe. “The fraud information Ogone customers will get isn’t available any other way,” said Ethoca CEO Andre Edelbrock. “For the typical user, it means improved fraud screening and fewer false positives. By integrating access to Ethoca’s network as part of their fraud management solution, Ogone is helping to drive down fraud rates and increasing the profitability of their clients and partners.”

About Ethoca Ethoca’s mission is to eliminate ecommerce fraud by helping merchants and card issuers in the payment chain check against each other’s histories and pass fraud alert information between all members of its network. Ethoca provides collaboration-based fraud detection services to card-not-present merchants (those receiving orders by website, fax, catalog, or telephone). Ethoca works in partnership with payment processors and card acquirers to provide merchants access to its leading fraud detection services. Today over 150 top brands are using an Ethoca service, including 17 of the top 20 ecommerce retailers. To get started, contact Steve Frook at +353.1.659.9484 or +1.866.215.2883, or download free payment fraud prevention resources at

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