iDEAL surpasses 10 million payments per month

AMSTERDAM | The Dutch online payment method iDEAL has achieved a new milestone. For the first time since iDEAL was launched back in 2005 the number of payment transactions has surpassed the 10 million during October 2012.


Compared to October 2012 this is a growth of almost 27%. Currence, the organisation behind iDEAL expects that this growth will continue especially with the upcoming holiday shopping season still to come (Sinterklaas & Christmas), traditionally the best month of the year. Currence expects the overall 2012 number of transactions to be more than 115 million.


iDEAL continues to be very popular with online shoppers in The Netherlands

iDEAL is by far the most popular payment method in the Dutch E-commerce market. The continuous growth of this online banking payment method is thanks to the ongoing growth of the overall Dutch E-commerce market. Research from and Blauw Research shows that the online sales in the first 6 months of 2012 have increased by 15%. Especially online shopping via phone has increased a lot. Consumers seem to prefer iDEAL over other payment methods for their mobile shopping (69% with mobile shopping vs. 55% with online) and this will even further grow when all major banks offer iDEAL via mobile.




iDEAL also with delayed payments

Another reason for the continuous growth of iDEAL in The Netherlands is that the payment method is used in more situations. For example for delayed payments: more online merchants use iDEAL after the delivery of the goods/services. Research by Currence shows that this is already offered by more than 10% of the online Dutch merchants.  Also, iDEAL is used more and more for online donations to charity and for the payment of invoices (utility bills), that are sent by e-mail.


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