Févad: France eCommerce €45 billion for the full year 2012

FRANCE | Févad, the French e-commerce and mail order trade association, announced its forecast turnover, both for the current year and longer term, along with an analysis of the major trends of e-commerce in France.



In France a new e-commerce site appears on average every 20 minutes. This enthusiasm on the part of entrepreneurs seems to be matched by consumer demand: in the third quarter of 2012 online sales in France totalled €11 billion, an increase of 21% compared to the second quarter. Févad additionally predicted a turnover of €45 billion for the full year 2012 rising to more than €70 billion within the next three years.


The number of e-commerce customers is also increasing, with overall rise of 5% led by an increase of 150% in the number of customers using mobile phones to make purchases. This Christmas shopping period is expected to represent a new peak for e-commerce. However, not all indicators are green, with the Févad report showing a decline in at least two: the amount of B2B transactions and the average value of a basket.


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