Clothes, shoes and jewelry are the most popular online products of the Germans

GERMAN | "If you ask German Internet users what products they intend to buy online over the next few months wish, the answer is clear", wrote market researcher Nielsen in a recently released study: clothes, shoes and jewelry.


In August 2012, one in three active Internet users made at least one visit to a website in the fashion category. Although in absolute terms male users visits were more frequent, at 44 per cent, but the female users used fashion websites more intensively: they look at more pages, remain on it for twice as long and also return to them more frequently.


And when it comes to fashion, it is the online retailer Zalando that benefited most with nearly 4 million visitors on its site in August, followed by Bonprix and Otto (interestingly, two former mail order operators), H&M and C&A (both bricks and mortar chains). Amazon still manages to squeeze in between them to take up the fourth place.


The visitors are not very faithful: Nielsen also observes a very large number of "strollers" who go from one site to another in order to to look at partly overlapping deals.


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