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99Bill Corporation is the leading independent third-party payment service provider in China, offering a comprehensive suite of safe and convenient electronic payment solutions to all kinds of enterprises.     The company was awarded central bank’s first batch of e-payment licenses and takes the role of executive director of China Payment and Settlement Association. With the widest range of product categories and user groups, 99Bill makes electronic payment available by various bank cards.  Its services support a variety of terminals, including Internet, mobile phone and POS, which could meet different demands from all enterprises and individuals. By the end of July 2011, 99Bill has signed up a total of 103 million registered users and about 1,070,000 merchant partners. 

99Bill rolls out e-payment platform and mobile payment product

Chinese third-party payment services provider 99Bill is set to launch its new 99Bill+ payment platform and a new mobile payment product.

99Bill Launches e-payment Platform and Mobile Payment Strategy

99Bill has announced its new '99Bill+' payment platform and announce its strategy for mobile payments in China.


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